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We have recently worked in some really beautiful homes in the Manhaset, Roslyn, glen cove area. Have us Help you design the Kitchen of your dreams.

Kitchens play a central role in every family’s life. You cook and eat there. You hang out there. You entertain there. The kitchen is the heart of the home and should meet functional needs as well as being impressive and beautiful. We have many resources including amazingly talented custom wood workers that create magnificent kitchens for us. Making something special out of your kitchen with the Twice as Nice kitchen design service!

Let Twice as Nice help you find out what a perfect kitchen means to you. We will uncover everything you need from your kitchen and help you design one that fits the characteristics of your home, as well as displays the taste, preference and style of you and your family. We can help you make your kitchen truly yours!

But let us warn you right here: Kitchen design is not something done overnight. First, there is a lot to consider and many decisions to make:

Space—How do you want to use your available space? Do you prefer an open kitchen or a kitchen full of appliances and special features?

Storage—How much storage do you need? What kind? How do you want it to look?

Appliances—Do you prefer an island in the middle or are you more comfortable with having your appliances up against the wall?

Countertops and Cabinets—There are tons of options in all kinds of materials and designs. Which is perfect for you?

Floors—What type of floor do you prefer? Easy maintenance or a beautiful look?

Walls—Brick? Wood? As few walls as possible? Wallpaper? Painted? Care-free or stunning looks?

Windows—How much natural light do you want and how do you want it to come through?

Kitchen design can seem like a daunting task. That’s why Twice as Nice is here! We will assist you in every single step of the way and always make sure you know what your options are. We will be right there beside you though the entire design process. Once it is complete, you will be left with a comprehensive blueprint of your kitchen design. After the building process begins, we will take care of everything involved from the first delivery to the last clean up.

Take the first step towards the kitchen of your dreams right now by contacting Twice as Nice!

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